Adult Family Caregiving

JUNIPER HOMECARE is pleased to offer the ADULT FAMILY CAREGIVING to your family. When it comes to elder-care and age or disability-related services, the best caregiver is family. Now a relative or close friend can devote time, care, and service to an elderly consumer in their own home! Following a preliminary evaluation and qualification, Juniper Homecare will provide training and orientation, support, professional assistance, and even nutritional planning, meal preparation guidance and adult day-care services as needed.

Adult Family Living (AFL): Do you or someone you know currently live with someone who may have issues with mobility, transportation, bathing, eating and more? Are you their primary caretaker? If so, you may qualify for compensation as a result of the tireless, committed care you already provide.

  • 24/7 office support to the Caregiver and Client
  • On-call nursing support
  • Scheduled nursing visits
  • Personalized plan of care
  • Continuing education and training for Direct Caregiver
“The Best Caregivers Are Family”

Client Eligibility

  • Client must be 65+ and currently receiving benefits under Title 19 (Medicaid)*
  • The client must be enrolled into Connecticut Homecare Program for Elderly (CHCPE)
  • The client must reside in the same dwelling as the Direct Caregiver (DCG).

*If the client has title 19 but is not enrolled in CHCPE, the client should consult Juniper office staff regarding the adult family caregiving eligibility process. Caregiver Eligibility & Responsibility:

  • The DCG must be available to take care of the client 24 hrs/day unless the client is receiving care from a qualified service e.g. Adult Day Center (ADC), Doctor, Nurse, PCA, other previously approved family member.

Dwelling Eligibility & Expectations:

  • Premises will be carefully examined by the Nursing Director upon initial intake prior to beginning services.
  • Living conditions will continue to be assessed during weekly/bi-monthly visits and must remain adequate for the duration of services.

Registered Nurse & Agency Oversight

  • Initial assessment completed by the Director of Nursing. Director then determines level of care.
  • Caregiver receives complete initial training tailored to the clients needs.
  • A designated nurse visits the client on a predetermined schedule.
  • Plan of Care continually adapts given nature of clients health and well being.

Compensation & Restrictions

  • Compensation is determined by the level of care as advised by the Nurse and Access Agency Case Manager.
  • Other programs such as ADC, and Meals on Wheels, Food Stamps and Medicaid will not be affected by AFL enrollment.

Al fin, justicia para los hijos que cuidan a sus padres. Cuida a tus padres recibiendo compensación económica. Si, los hijos cualifican para este programa. Llamanos. Informate. MIRA! Como te gustaria ganar dinero cuidando un anciano de tu propia familia, amistad, o un conocido, preguntame como. Sí, los hijos adultos cualifican para recibir compensación con este programa.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at 860.523.1418
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