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Home is a feeling of belonging, of having a favorite chair, of knowing one’s way around the kitchen, of looking out windows onto familiar landscapes. The value of a home is priceless—more than the cost of nails and wood and paint. Home holds the power to cheer our hearts and to soothe our souls.

Whether you are someone looking to help your loved one to stay at home in spite of the challenges of illness and/or aging or you’re a professional in search of quality services, please know that at Juniper Homecare we understand your goals.

Juniper Homecare offers the full spectrum of home healthcare services because there is nothing more comfortable than aging in place.  Juniper is excited to offer Adult Family Living and Foster Care (also known as: Adult Family Caregiving). Under this program, family members or friends can become Direct CareGivers (DCG) for up to three eligible clients within the same home.

Many families statewide are already providing this service and are unaware that help is available. Many of these caregivers give up their jobs, their own well-being / livelihood, and even jobs to assist their aging loved ones. Juniper is here to help lighten the load of this wholehearted care.

Unfortunately, husband and wife do not qualify to take care of one another, but could both receive care from a third person in the household. Clients will receive a weekly visit from an appointed Juniper RN as well as 24/7 office support and expert eldercare guidance including tutorials via our Family Learning Center. Click here to learn more.

JUNIPER HOME CARE is pleased to offer the ADULT FAMILY CAREGIVING program to your family.  When it comes to elder-care and age or disability-related services, the best caregiver is family.